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Local Area Networks (CSMA/CD Baseband) coaxial cable system

2nd edition, March 1984

For the purpose of compatible interconnection of data processing equipment via a local area network using the carrier sense multiple access with collision detection technique (CSMA/CD) and baseband transmission mode at 10 Mbit/s, this Standard ECMA-80:

– specifies the electrical and physical characteristics of the cable (see section 3);

– specifies the electrical and physical characteristics of the cable connectors and terminators (see section 4);

– specifies configuration rules for the network (see section 5);

– specifies the installation rules for the coaxial trunk cable (see section 6);

– specifies environmental specifications for the cable system (see section 7).

A particular emphasis of this Standard is to specify the homogeneous externally visible characteristics needed for interconnection compatibility, while avoiding unnecessary constraints upon and changes to the internal design and implementation of the heterogeneous data processing equipment to be interconnected.

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Technical CommitteeTC23 (this TC is no longer active)


  • ECMA-80, 1st edition, September 1982Download