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Generic data presentation - Services description and protocol definition

1st edition, March 1983

This Standard ECMA-86:

a) defines the terminology, concepts, descriptive model and notation for the Generic Services in the Presentation Layer of Open Systems Interconnection,

b) defines in abstract form the interactions between two presentation- service-users (p-users) via the Generic Presentation Services of Open Systems Interconnection, in Section 2, including the relationship to more specific facilities such as those applicable to Virtual Terminal Service or Data Presentation Service.

c) defines the protocol between two presentation entities (p-entities) providing the generic presentation services (p-service), in Section III, including the usage of services of Session Layer of OSI in support of the generic presentation services.

This Standard ECMA-86 does not define any other interactions between a presentation service user and the presentation service. Related ECMA Standards will define how the specialized requirements of particular presentation services are related to the Generic Presentation Services.

This Standard ECMA-86 is not an implementation specification for information processing systems.

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