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Basic class virtual terminal - Service description and protocol definition

1st edition, March 1983

This Standard ECMA-88 provides specifically for the Basic Class of the Virtual Terminal Service of the Presentation Layer of the Reference Model of Open Systems Interconnection the following:

a) the description of the Virtual Terminal Model .Components,

b) the description of the Services and Functional Features of the Virtual Terminal Service, as the particularization for Basic Class of the general statements of the concepts of Virtual Terminal Services and Protocols in Open Systems Interconnection given in ECMA-87 (GVT),

c) the definition of the Virtual Terminal Protocol (VTP) Messages and their Encodings,

d) the definition of the Protocol Rules for the construction of valid sequences of protocol elements,

e) the definition of the usage made of services of Session Layer, and the mapping of Presentation Protocol Elements into the Session Service Primitives,

f) the statement of the Conformance Requirements for implementation of Basic Class VTP according to this Standard.

This Standard thus defines the interactions between two system environments supporting two presentation-service-users (p-users) via the Basic Class of Virtual Terminal Service.
This Standard ECMA-88 does not define any other interactions between a p-user and the presentation service (p-service).

This Standard ECMA-88 is not an implementation specification for information processing systems.

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