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Data Interchange on 6,30 mm magnetic tape cartridge using NRZ1 recording at 394 ftpmm - Streaming mode

1st edition, September 1985

This ECMA Standard specifies a tape cartridge using a 6,30 mm magnetic tape intended for digital recording at physical recording densities of 252 ftpmm and 394 ftpmm.

It specifies the mechanical, physical and magnetic properties of the cartridge. Tests for the surface quality of the tape are defined. The environmental conditions under which the cartridge is to be tested and operated are specified, and the conditions for storage are recommended.

It also specifies a recording method and a data format intended for use in the streaming mode of operation. Two alternative track formats are specified:

  • a 4-track format, and
  • a 9-track format.

This Standard provides for the physical interchange of cartridges between data processing equipments, and specify a data formal. A labeling standard for tape cartridges used in the streaming mode is being investigated. The availability of such a labeling standard will provide for full data interchange between data processing systems.

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Technical CommitteeTC19 (this TC is no longer active)