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Listing of software names

2nd edition, March 1982

This Listing of software names used by Ecma International members is administered by the Ecma International Secretariat. For the time being it is open to Ecma International members only.

This Listing has no legal effect, and Ecma International will neither arbitrate nor take part in negotiations between parties arising from alleged conflict of names.

There is no commitment as to the completeness of this Listing. Absence of a name from the Listing has no legal implications and does not mean that it is available for use and/ or registration. Addition of a name to the Listing of itself confers no right to the company adding the name.
Contributions by Ecma International members to this Listing are entirely voluntary. Communication of a list of names by a company does not imply that no other names are used and/or registered by that company.

Ecma International is not responsible for errors or omissions and accepts no liability whatsoever for use by any party of any software name whether or not included in this Listing.

Companies are encouraged to review their Listing annually and remove unused names.

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