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Interface characteristics for a DTE to operate with European Rec.X.25 networks

1st edition, September 1983

This Technical Report ECMA TR/16 specifies the interface characteristics of the DTE to operate with the common facilities of various national implementations of Rec. X.25 Packet-Switching Networks in Europe.

This Technical Report is presented in three sections covering the corresponding levels of CCITT Rec. X.25.

This Technical Report is not a full specification for a Rec. X.25 DTE. In general terms the DTE should be designed to operate with a DCE as defined in CCITT Rec. X.25.

The objective is to specify DTE operation in those areas where there are options. The facilities specified in this Technical Report represent a sub- set to provide a basic service that will enable the users to select options to better match the work requirements, e.g. interactive, batch or file transfer.

Bilateral agreement of the service options and operating parameters at the packet level may be necessary for effective end-to-end interworking.

Effective operation will be achieved only where the facilities offered do not deviate from Rec. X.25, however, temporary design features to accommodate the differences which at present exist between the national implementations are contained in Appendix II.

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Technical CommitteeTC25 (this TC is no longer active)