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OSI sub-network interconnection scenarios permitted within the framework of the ISO-OSI reference model

1st edition, March 1985

This Ecma Technical Report:

  • isolates the OSI interconnection scenario categories (OSC’s) permitted within the framework of the ISO-OSI Reference Model as extended to include connectionless Network Service,
  • defines the functionality of sub-layers 3b and 3c of the Network Layer for each scenario as a basis for development of the protocols needed at those sub-layers,
  • gives the criteria for selection of an appropriate class of Transport Protocol for each scenario to provide a connection-oriented Transport Service (see Note 1),
  • gives a status report on the work being done in ECMA to meet the protocol requirements identified above.

Additionally, this Technical Report identifies in an Annex a scenario that is outside the scope of the Reference Model but is one offering a pragmatic solution to the problem of interworking between incompatible connection-oriented and connectionless network domains that individually represent interconnection scenarios that are within the scope of the Reference model.

NOTE 1 – The case of connectionless Transport Protocol is the subject of continuing study.

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Technical CommitteeTC24 (this TC is no longer active)