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Planning and installation guide for CSMA/CD 10 MBit/s baseband Local Area Networks

2nd edition, June 1990

This guide is intended to assist in the planning, design, installation and system testing of 10 Mbit/s coaxial based CSMA/CD Baseband LANs as specified in ISO 8802-3.

It covers the following key activities:

-plan and design the cable route according to the distribution of the stations to be connected and the physical constraints of the building;

-install the cable network hardware; -test the cable network hardware.

The preparation of this 2nd Edition was based on ECMA TR/26, 1st Edition and ISO 8802-3.

Also recommendations are given for some additional equipment that is currently not covered by ISO 8802-3, but may well be used in combination with it. This additional material may contain some implementation-specific information. The recommendations of this report may usefully be applied beyond the scope of ISO 8802-3.

Bearing in mind that most networks will grow and evolve over a period of time, this should be taken into consideration at the initial design stage. This guide does not include the installation of the range of baseband interface equipment.
Neither is it intended to cover CSMA/CD Broadband Lans or Fibre Optic installations, other than repeater links.

Safety requirement for LANs are covered in Standard ECMA-97.

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Technical CommitteeTC32


  • ECMA TR/26, 1st edition, March 1985Download