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Visual displays - Health aspects

1st edition, December 1985

This ECMA Technical Report states the position of the Association with regard to health aspects of visual displays.

From time to time there have been suggestions that various health risks may be associated with the use of visual display units (VDUs or VDTs) using cathode ray tubes. Naturally, people called upon to use VDUs in the course of their employment are concerned by these allegations and are anxious to know the truth. Equally concerned are the Member Companies of the European Computer Manufacturers Association and their employees who are among the heaviest users of VDUs.

To ascertain the facts, ECMA set up a study team to review current knowledge on potential health hazards that might be attributable to VDUs and to relate their findings to the allegations which have been made. This report presents the results of that study for the benefit of members and the general public.

On the basis of information currently available, it is concluded that VDUs do not cause damage to health. However, research on this subject is continuing and should be encouraged. New evidence will be reviewed by ECMA as it becomes available.

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