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Particular safety requirements for equipment to be connected to telecommunication networks

1st edition, January 1987

This Technical Report specifies the safety requirements, under three headings, for equipment to be supplied for use at subscribers’ premises and connection to a telecommunication network of the Public Telecommunications Operators in the CEPT countries, as follows:

  • Protection of the equipment user from hazards in equipment (e.g. protection against hazards from the electrical mains supply).
  • Protection to reduce adequately the risk of hazardous electrical conditions arising on a telecommunication network, owing to connection of the equipment to this network.
  • Protection of the equipment user from voltages on a telecommunication network.

For equipment intended to be used in an environment not covered by the relevant safety standard, other requirements may apply.

The requirements of this Technical Report are also applicable to equipment to be connected to networks that are not available to the public.

Requirements for functional reliability of equipment exposed to over voltages on lines (see CCITT Circular No 25) are not covered by this Technical Report.

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