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Compliance Verification (COVER) report

3rd edition, December 1992

This Ecma Technical Report provides a test protocol for verification of equipment compliance with Standard ECMA-129 or IEC Publication 950, second edition, 1991 (amendment 1 and 3 included) and/or the compatible revision of European Norme EN 60950: 1992 (amendment 1 and 2 included): “Safety of information technology equipment, including electrical business equipment”.

This Report is presented in the form of a check list for type-approval and reflects the results of the tests which were carried out in the following logical sequence:

  • visual inspection;
  • non-destructive testing;
  • destructive testing.

The purpose of each clause is indicated; in case of doubt, consult the reference standards.

ANNEX 1 contains a supplementary section which is to be applied when the product is designed and intended to be connected to a telecommunication network. It is to be used in conjunction with IEC950 (clause 6), EN60950 (clause 6) or with EN41003.

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Technical CommitteeTC12


  • ECMA TR/39, 1st editionNo file available
  • ECMA TR/39, 2nd edition, December 1988Download