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Framework for distributed office application

1st edition, July 1987

This Report describes a Framework for Distributed Office Applications in an office environment.

Its content can be grouped in four major parts:

  • An introductory part (clause 1) in which references, definitions and abbreviations are collected together;
  • A statement of the requirements to be satisfied by this framework (clause 2);
  • A tutorial approach to the definition of the fundamental concepts associated with distributed office applications: basic concepts needed to define the relationships between the generic communicating elements (clause 3), the naming concepts (clause 4) and the security concepts (clause 5) needed for distributed office applications;
  • A brief description of the supportive applications available in the framework (clause 6);
  • A description of how the supportive applications are used by the productive applications in the framework (clause 7);
  • Guidelines for the design of protocols for distributed office applications (clause 8).

This Framework will be the basis for future definitions of applications and protocols in ECMA on this subject.

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