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Packetized data transfer in private switching networks

1st edition, December 1987

This Technical Report describes packetized data transfer in Private Switching Networks (PSNs), including access to other networks (e.g. X.25) via PSNs. Packetized voice, video and other non-data packet mode bearer services are beyond the scope of this Technical Report.

This Technical Report also provides guidelines for the standardization of protocols supporting a new Bearer Service for packetized data transfer over PSNs. The architecture for these protocols fully aligns with ISDN out-of-band control principles. Furthermore ISDN concepts compatible with high performance objectives are adopted, notably:

  • the use of link layer addressing for routing and relaying purposes, and
  • the partial termination of the bearer channel protocol in nodes of the network.

This Technical Report also describes functions required from terminals and PSNs to provide an overall end-to-end network service.

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