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Configuration management service definition

1st edition, July 1988

The open systems management activities which are of concern are those which imply actual exchange of information between open systems. Since only the protocols needed to conduct such exchanges are candidates for standardization within the OSI architecture, this Technical Report only defines the services in terms of an abstract model. It does not imply a particular implementation of the services nor does it imply a particular representation of the service primitives.

This Technical Report is applicable to OSI management services, provided in accordance with the Basic Reference Model of Open System Interconnection. The services defined by this Technical Report are applicable to any situation, e.g. centralized or distributed, in which configuration management information is to be transferred. This Technical Report is not concerned with the interactions which result in such transfers, nor with association establishment or authorization for the transfers or for the associated activity. It is concerned solely with the form of the transfers.

The services defined by this Technical Report are based on Common Management Information Service (CMIS) as defined in ISO documents ISO/TC97/SC21/WG4 from the Tokyo meeting of June 1987. The use of other management information services if available is for further study.

This part of this Technical Report uses the descriptive conventions in the OSI Service Conventions in ISO TR8509.

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