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Support environment for open distributed processing

1st edition, December 1989

This Ecma Technical Report results from a preliminary study of architecture to provide a standard Support Environment for Open Distributed Processing (SEODP).

It is primarily concerned with distributed processing in terms of the structure of applications software, and how to support this.

This Ecma Technical Report:

(a) explains what the SE-ODP is about (see Section Two);

(b) defines concepts with which to describe SE-ODP architecture (see Section Three);

(c) specifies SE-ODP architecture (see Section Four);

(d) identifies proposed area of standardization (see Section Five);

(e) provides supporting tutorial and background material (see Appendices).

The architecture specified in (c) is not complete or definitive. It is only intended to be sufficient to provide an initial basis for the further SEODP standardization work identified in (d).

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