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Requirements for access to integrated voice and data local and metropolitan area networks

1st edition, June 1990

This Technical Report is concerned with recommendations for the service requirements of an interface between user terminal equipment and an integrated voice-and-data network. The interface requirements are intended to be independent of the nature of the terminal equipment (integrated service workstation, data terminal and telephone, etc.) and of the technology of the network. Details of the implementation of the interface are beyond the scope of this Technical Report.

This Technical Report has the following objectives:

  • to define the requirements of an interface which will support both continuous bitstream oriented (CBO) and delimited bitstring oriented (DBO) services;
  • to provide for evolution from separate voice and data networks to full multiservice integrated networks with a minimum of re-definition of the interface;
  • to provide a reference model for the combination of services and networks from CCITT ISDN Recommendations and LANs and MANs, typically to IEEE P.802 standards.

EMC performance is a critical factor in network design and must be considered at the system level, as well as at the level of individual components, such as cabling.

This Technical Report is limited to expressing anticipated EMC performance in terms of existing standard LANs.

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