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Databases and networking

1st edition, June 1992

This Ecma Technical Report is intended to provide tutorial information on networked databases. It addresses the area of designing, maintaining and controlling networked database systems providing database services to the users of networked databases.

A joint technical committee of the International Organisation for Standardisation and International Electrotechnical Commission ( ISO/IEC JTC 1.) and other forums are currently progressing standards to make networking of databases a reality over the ‘Open Systems Interconnection’ (OSI) reference model.

These groups address the need to integrate data held in database systems that:

  • are supplied by different vendors;
  • use different technologies;
  • are distributed or logically (if not physically) separated;
  • form part of an ‘open systems’ environment.

Such a database environment encompasses a range of:

  • network topologies,
  • data distribution,
  • couplings of application with data,
  • transaction management.

Not all technical solutions are developed yet.

The intent of this Ecma Technical Report is to inform readers who are unfamiliar with databases and networks, and to reach conclusions that could be useful to standardisation groups.

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Technical CommitteeTC22 (this TC is no longer active)