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Alphabetical reference index to IEC 950

3rd edition, December 1995

This index has been prepared under the auspices of ECMA/TC12 – Product Safety. It relates to IEC 950 – Safety of Information Technology Equipment, second edition (1991), including amendments 1,2,3 and 4.

This index is for information only and the selection of indexed items does not imply any particular importance.

Location references are clause or sub-clause numbers or annex letters.

Principal references are printed Bold.

References to the Introduction (principles of Safety) are indicated as Introduction.

If a term is defined in the standard, its definition is indicated in the index by an asterisk, e.g. RATED VOLTAGE *.

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  • ECMA TR/63, 1st edition, December 1993Download
  • ECMA TR/63, 2nd edition, December 1994No file available