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General ECMAScript® language


Standardization of the general purpose, cross platform, vendor-neutral programming language ECMAScript® (JavaScriptTM). This includes the language syntax, semantics, and libraries and complementary technologies that support the language.

TC39 Royalty Free Task Group permits under special conditions technical contributions by 3rd parties (i.e. non-Ecma TC39 members) to the work of this group.

You are kindly invited to fill in your personal information online if you wish to contribute as a non-member.

Contributors to the Test262 test suite should upload their software modules for the tests via GitHub; there is a link to upload the contributions to all versions of Test262 (ECMA TR/104 “ECMAScript® Test Suite”).

Programme of work:

  1. To maintain and update the standard for the ECMAScript® (JavaScriptTM) programming language (such as all editions of ECMA-262).
  2. To develop test suites that may be used to verify the correct implementation of these standards (such as ECMA TR/104).
  3. To maintain the ECMA-404 (JSON) standard.
  4. To maintain and update the standard for the ECMA-414 ECMAScript® Specification Suite.
  5. To contribute selected standards to ISO/IEC JTC 1.


Convenor group:
Chris de Almeida (IBM)
Rob Palmer (Bloomberg)
Ujjwal Sharma (Igalia)

Secretaries: Samina Husain (Ecma International), Istvan Sebestyen (Ecma International)