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Common Language Infrastructure


To standardize a common language infrastructure (CLI) to support C#, ECMAScript and other modern languages.

Programme of work:

  1. To develop CLI standards including:
    • A common type system used across all supported programming languages
    • Execution Engine Architecture
    • A system architecture and type system
    • Metadata syntax and semantic
    • File format including validation rules
    • Program verification rules that ensure type safety
    • A common intermediate language format for code download and execution, along with metadata that describes the requirements and capabilities of the code
    • A small set of base classes that provide language support and basic application portability
  2. Upon completion of item 1, to investigate the future direction of CLI standards, and to evaluate and consider proposals for complementary or additional technology.
  3. To establish and maintain liaison with other Ecma TCs and with other Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) as appropriate to facilitate and promulgate the work of the TG.


Convenor: vacant
Secretary: Patrick Luthi (Ecma International)