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Package URL


Ecma TC54-TG2 is chartered with the standardization of Package URL (PURL). The scope of this task group will include:

  • PURL specification: development and maintenance of the PURL standard, which provides a clear and concise method for identifying packages across various package management systems.
  • VERS specification: establishment and standardization of VERS, a specification designed to consistently represent version ranges, providing a uniform approach to managing version constraints across different programming environments and package managers.
  • PURL types: standardization of PURL types, which categorize packages by their respective package management systems, ensuring that PURL remains flexible and comprehensive in covering various types of packages.

Community interaction and review: Engage with the software development community to gather feedback, review new PURL type requests, and ensure the PURL specifications remain relevant and effective in addressing the needs of package management systems and software developers.

Programme of work:

  1. To develop a standard for the PURL and VERS specifications.
  2. To define a clear and transparent process for the standardization of new PURL types, including criteria for evaluation and approval.
  3. To implement an ongoing review process for new PURL type proposals from the community, ensuring they meet the established criteria and contribute positively to the ecosystem.
  4. To establish a governance process specific to PURL types.
  5. To establish a release management process for the completion of PURL types.


Convenor: Steve Springett (ServiceNow)
Secretary: Samina Husain (Ecma International)