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To recommend standards for determining the noise outputs of different categories of individual items of information technology equipment intended for use in defined working environments; standards for determining total noise levels in the said working environments, these standards to include corresponding methods of measurement; preferred methods of predicting total levels if units of known noise output are installed together.

Programme of work:

  1. To categorize the acoustical environments in which information technology equipment is required to work.
  2. To survey the various recommendations and requirements for the acoustical environments of these areas.
  3. To make recommendations for standard methods of measuring and specifying the noise output of equipment, taking into account the work of ISO/TC43.
  4. To consider any special requirements that may arise during non-standard operation, e.g. servicing.
  5. To consider what information should be supplied by the manufacturer to facilitate optimum installation and to make recommendations.
  6. To follow developments affecting acoustical environment in places of work.
  7. To assume responsibility for the maintenance of Ecma Standards prepared by TC26.
  8. To maintain liaison with other standards organizations in order to present Ecma proposals to them and to make comments on their proposals.


Chair: Seth Bard (IBM)
Vice-Chair: Chris Peterson (Dell Technologies)
Secretary: Charles Oppenheimer (Ecma International)