To standardize the syntax and semantics of a modern, object oriented programming language called Dart as well as standardizing core libraries and complementary technologies that support the language. This work intends not to use patents or if so then only royalty free patents.  To aid in achieving that objective, this TC is using the Royalty-Free Patent Policy.

Programme of work:

  1. To develop Dart language standards and standards for libraries that extend the capabilities of Dart.
  2. Upon completion of item 1, to investigate the future direction of Dart language standards, and to evaluate and consider proposals for complementary or additional technology.
  3. To develop test suites that may be used to verify the correct implementation of these standards.
  4. To establish and maintain liaison with other Ecma TCs and with other Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) and other groups as appropriate to facilitate and promulgate the work of the TC.


Chair: Michael Thomsen (Google)
Secretary: Samina Husain (Ecma International)