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Collaboration between W3C and Ecma International – A presentation by Ecma Secretary General and Vice-President


Collaboration between W3C and Ecma International – A presentation by Samina Husain, Secretary General and Daniel Ehrenberg, Vice-President at W3C TPAC 2023 in Seville, Spain on 13 September 2023

Geneva, 13 September 2023


ECMAScript is core to the Web Platform, so collaboration between the W3C and Ecma International has been key for many evolution initiatives on both sides. Ecma TC39, the committee were ECMAScript (a.k.a. JS) is standardized, has an efficient and inclusive process for standards development, which shares many qualities with the W3C process.

The organizations have a formal liaison relationship (enabling representatives of one organization to participate in the other, for example), but on the ground, Ecma TC39 has relied heavily on certain individuals in each organization to bridge the gaps. Many TC39 proposals have significant architectural impact on the Web Platform, and these impacts have been reviewed in WHATWG HTML threads as well as W3C TAG reviews.

Like the W3C, Ecma is expanding in its work areas. For example, Ecma has a new initiative to standardize source maps in TC39-TG4. Overall, new work in the web space within Ecma tends to take TC39’s success as a model to repeat. This is going well for source maps so far.

The intent of this session is to start with a short presentation of where Ecma and TC39 are today and how we work, and then proceed to an open discussion about how we can work in the future, in what areas and working modes, etc.


Identify areas and ways to work together in the future.

For more information: please contact Samina Husain, Secretary General of Ecma International at