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Ecma International approves new standards


Geneva, 3 July 2024

The 127th General Assembly held in Geneva on 26 June 2024 approved the following documents:

  • ECMA-262 15th edition – ECMAScript® 2024 language specification
  • ECMA-340 4th edition – Near Field Communication Interface and Protocol 1 (NFCIP-1)
  • ECMA-362 3rd edition – NFCIP-1 – Protocol test methods
  • ECMA-402 11th edition – ECMAScript® 2024 internationalization API specification
  • ECMA-421 2nd edition – Quality discrimination method of optical disks and operating method of storage systems for long-term data preservation
  • ECMA-424 1st edition – CycloneDX Bill of materials specification

For more information: please contact Samina Husain, Secretary General of Ecma International at