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Ecma new standard ECMA-424 on CycloneDX Bill of Materials


CycloneDX v1.6: Now an Ecma International Standard

The ratification of CycloneDX Bill of Materials specification as an Ecma International standard is a testament to the effectiveness of the community model established by Technical Committee 54 (TC54). This model is a benchmark for future technical committees and the CycloneDX Bill of Materials specification is just the beginning, with several other supply chain standards expected to emerge from TC54.

The new Ecma standard defines the CycloneDX Bill of Materials specification, a general purpose Bill of Materials (BOM) specification capable of representing software, hardware, services, and other types of inventory and will be published as ECMA-424.

More detailed information is available at this link.

Please contact Samina Husain, Secretary General of Ecma International at for any further questions.