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ODA-API - Application profile interface for handling compound documents

1st edition, June 1993

Volume 1

This Standard provides reference material for using the Document Application Profile (DAP) level Application Programming Interface (API), to create applications and services conforming to the Draft International Standardized Profiles (DISPs) Format Open Documents 11,26 and 36 (FODs 11,26 and 36).

This Standard is intended for system and application programmers who are familiar with FOD11, FOD26, FOD36 and Open Document Architecture (ODA).

Volume 2 

This subclause describes the DAP API functions. They appear in alphabetical order. The description of each function contains the following information:

• The name of the function and a brief description of its purpose

• The C binding of the routine, expressed as a C function prototype

• A detailed specification of the function’s behaviour, expressed in the description of the arguments and results

• A description of the arguments to the function

• A description of the value returned by the function

• A description of any errors that may be generated by the function.

Volume 3 




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