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Private Integrated Services Network (PISN) - Profile standard for the use of PSS1 (QSIG) in air traffic services networks

3rd edition, June 2003

This Profile Standard specifies the combination of base standards, together with the selection of appropriate options and parameter values, necessary to specify how QSIG / PSS1 can be used to provide digital signalling capabilities between Private Integrated services Networks eXchange (PINX) in an Air Traffic Services (ATS) PISN.

This Standard defines:

  • physical and electrical characteristics (physical layer) of the interfaces to the transmission systems to be employed;
  • data link layer procedures to ensure error-free communications links;
  • network layer procedures for call establishment and clearing; and
  • supplementary services to meet specific ATS requirements.

This Standard states requirements upon implementations in order to achieve interoperability between equipment in ATS PISNs.

NOTE – Implementation of this Standard does not preclude a manufacturer from offering other means of interconnection.

This Standard does not specify requirements related to interworking between QSIG and other signalling systems used in ATS PISNs.

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CategoryData communication – PISN


Technical CommitteeTC32

ETSI numberEN 301 846


  • ECMA-312, 1st edition, June 2000Download
  • ECMA-312, 2nd edition, June 2001Download