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ProxZzzy® for sleeping hosts

2nd edition, June 2012

This Standard specifies maintenance of network connectivity and presence by proxies to extend the sleep duration of hosts.

This Standard specifies:

  • Capabilities that a proxy may expose to a host.
  • Information that must be exchanged between a host and a proxy.
  • Proxy behaviour for 802.3 (Ethernet) and 802.11 (WiFi).
  • Required and Option behaviour of a proxy while it is operating, including responding to packets, generating packets, ignoring packets, and waking the host.

This Standard does not:

  • Specify communication mechanisms between hosts and proxies.
  • Extend or modify the referenced specifications (and for any discrepancies those specifications are authoritative).
  • Support security and communication protocols such as IPsec, MACSec, SSL, TLS, Mobile IP, etc.
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SubcategoryEnergy consumption, environmental conscious design and environmental product attributes

Technical CommitteeTC38

ISO/IEC number16317


  • ECMA-393, 1st edition, February 2010Download


  • Patent statement and licensing declarationDownload