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Safety Requirements for DTE-to-DCE Interface

2nd edition, September 1985

This Standard ECMA-83 specifies requirements to prevent electric shock hazards from existing at, or passing in either direction through, the interface connector between Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and Data Circuit terminating Equipment (DCE) in interchange circuits as defined in CCITT Recommendation V.24 and X.24. For definition of DCE and DTE, reference is made to the CCITT book “Terms and Definitions.

The general safety of the equipment (e.g. for the operator) is not covered by this Standard, which is based on the assumption that the equipment meets the relevant standards for this purpose.

The certification procedure, that is the way in which it is certified that a specific equipment design meets the requirements specified, is also not covered by this Standard.

This Standard is a technical description for the DTE-to-DCE interface. It is applicable for connection of privately-owned DTE to Administration-owned DCE but its use with privately owned DCE is not precluded.

This Standard contains no requirements for the connection points of a DCE to the telecommunication system (privately owned or Administration-owned) with regard to safety on this system.

NOTE 1 – The requirements for the connection points of an Administration-owned DCE to the telecommunication network are covered by CEPT Recommendation T/CD 1-1.

Administrations may require precautions in addition to this Recommendation when DTE-DCE interconnection is to be established via PTT wiring.

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