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Connectionless internetwork protocol

1st edition, March 1984

This Standard ECMA-92 specifies:

  • procedures for the connectionless transmission of data and control information from one internetwork entity to a peer internetwork entity;
  • the encoding of the internetwork protocol data units used for the transmission of data and control information;
  • procedures for the correct interpretation of internetwork protocol control information;
  • the functional requirements for implementations claiming conformance to the Standard;

The procedures are defined in terms of:

  • the interactions among peer internetwork entities through the exchange of internetwork protocol data units;
  • the interactions between an internetwork entity and a network service user through the exchange of Network Service Primitives; and
  • the interactions between an internetwork entity and a subnetwork dependent service provider through the exchange of subnetwork dependent service primitives.

This Standard ECMA-92 specifies a Connectionless Internetwork protocol. This protocol relies upon the provision of a connectionless subnetwork service.

A specific need has been identified for a subset of the Connectionless Internetwork protocol appropriate to simple interconnection of Local Area Networks, either directly or via a single Wide Area Network. This Standard includes the specification of such a subset as a simplified form of the protocol.

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