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Open systems interconnection - Distributed Interactive Processing Environment (DIPE)

1st edition, September 1985

The subject of this Technical Report, ECMA TR/29, is a Distributed Interactive Processing Environment (DIPE) which supports distributed-transaction-processing.

Some possible approaches to providing such an environment have been examined, and proposals are made as follows:

  • a statement of the requirements for DIPE (see 2),
  • a technical overview of DIPE (see 3),
  • a DIPE service description (see 4),
  • a list of items for further study (see 5),
  • recommendations for future standardization work (see 6).

The DIPE field of applications includes, but is not limited to, OSI distributed-transaction-processing for: office information systems, remote database-access, specific value added-network (VAN) services, and OSI management. DIPE may also be suitable for use in many noninteractive areas of OSI.

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