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Remote database access service and protocol

1st edition, December 1985

This Technical Report ECMA-DB is a specification for a Remote Database Access Service and Protocol.


  • defines a database model (see Section 2);
  • defines the operations on the database model as abstract interactions between two users of the communications service, one of which is acting on behalf of an application program whilst the other is interfacing to a process that controls data transfers to and from the database;
  • defines the protocol to support the above service and its mapping to the underlying presentation service;

This specification is targeted at database systems that support the Relational Model. However, it is envisaged that other database systems will support relational interfaces and that subsets or supersets of the protocol may be used with other database systems.

The RDA Service and Protocol are for the Application Layer of Open Systems Interconnection.

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Technical CommitteeTC22 (this TC is no longer active)