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Mapping of PCTE to the Ecma/NIST frameworks reference model

1st edition, June 1994

This Technical Report provides a mapping of the PCTE, Standard ECMA-149 relative to the Reference Model (RM) for Frameworks of Software Engineering Environments.

A mapping of PCTE should include a description of the SEE components defined in PCTE using the common reference terms and structures provided by the RM. In this way it will provide a basis for comparing components of PCTE with other SEE components and related standards.

The mapping consists of a section for each of the services described in the RM which are covered by PCTE. The main part of this document is structured in a way corresponding to the RM in order to facilitate comparisons and references to either other mappings, or with the RM document itself.

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Technical CommitteeTC33 (this TC is no longer active)