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Recommended OCR paper specifications

2nd edition, January 1977

These specifications should be read in conjunction with the optional properties as described in Standard ECMA-15. The selected parameter values are a compromise to define a paper with adequate characteristics for manual handling, machine processing, printing and encoding.

For papers used in document interchange applications, two classes of parameters, primary and secondary, are given together with standard measuring methods and explanatory notes.
The primary parameters are important for reliable processing performance.

The secondary parameters are characteristics which should be considered to provide additional processing reliability.

For journal tape applications one class of parameters only is indicated. The limits recommended can sometimes be extended in respect of one or more parameters when the handling and processing equipment in the system is known. In these cases it is recommended that paper tests are made over the machines to be used in the system.

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Technical CommitteeTC4 (this TC is no longer active)


  • ECMA TR/8, 1st edition, March 1970No file available