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Safety requirements for data processing equipment

1st edition, January 1978

This document applies to data processing equipment and the associated electronic units, data preparation equipment and data communication terminal equipment with a maximum rated supply voltage of 600 V and designed to be operated continuously under conditions of normal use. Equipment designed for intermittent use may require different tests.

This document covers safety for the operator and layman who may come into contact with the equipment and, where specifically stated, the service engineer.

This document is intended to ensure the safety of installed equipment, whether such installed equipment consists of a system of interconnected units or independent units, subject to installing the equipment in the manner prescribed by the equipment manufacturer.

This document applies to equipment intended for operation in normal office environments or special data processing rooms.

Where there is doubt about the end use of the equipment, the manufacturer shall clearly state in the instruction sheets or in a separate manufacturer declaration that the equipment is intended for data processing use.

This document does not cover:

  • Equipment intended for operation whilst exposed to extremes of temperature, excessive dust, damp, vibration, flammable gases, etc.
  • Support equipment such as air-conditioning, fire detection or fire extinguishing systems, power supply systems such as motor generator sets, transformers external to the computer, or building branch circuit wiring.
  • Interface equipment for connection to data transmission lines, e.g. modems (modulator-demodulator), nor the data transmission line equipment.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the telecommunications authorities of some countries impose additional requirements relating to the safety of equipment. These concern the protection of transmission lines and equipment against the hazards to be expected from the lines.

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