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Access systems and information exchange between systems


  • Access System specifies a common language, architecture , interfaces and protocols for the interoperability between different (distributed) sub-systems for access to assets.
  • Such assets may be physical such as buildings, transport means, care centres, computers or digitised assets and services e.g. health care.
  • The Access System specification describes a framework for existing and new systems that provide access to specific assets.
  • Development of standards that enable close proximity communications such as, but not limited to, Near Field Communication Systems (NFC).

Programme of work:

  1. To develop and maintain Standards and Technical Reports for interoperability between different sub-systems for access systems.
  2. To monitor related standardization activities to avoid duplication, to promote synergies and to promote complementary efforts via internal and external liaisons with – and contribute to – the work of international SDOs.


Chair: Masakazu Ito (Hitachi)
Vice-Chair: Kei Yamashita (Emeritus member)
Secretary: Patrick Luthi (Ecma International)