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Information storage


To identify and develop the minimum number of standards necessary for data interchange and/or storage by means of digitally recorded systems, e.g. optical, magnetic and holographic systems (such as disks, cartridges,…) , and standards necessary for determining the life expectancy of such media.

To study existing Ecma and ISO/IEC labeling, volume and file structure standards and, where necessary, initiate and pursue the development of volume and file structure standards.

Programme of work:

  1. To develop standards for optical disks and disk cartridges of 60 mm, 80 mm,  90 mm, 120 mm , 130 mm, 300 mm and 356 mm.
  2. To develop standards on methods for determining the life expectancy of optical storage media.
  3. To assume responsibility for the maintenance of Ecma Standards prepared by TC31.
  4. To monitor technological developments in the field of optical disks and disk cartridges.
  5. To maintain liaison with other standards organizations in order to present Ecma proposals to them and to make comments to their proposals.


Chair: Taku Hoshizawa (Hitachi)
Vice-Chair: Kei Yamashita (Emeritus member)
Secretary:  Patrick Luthi (Ecma International)