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Product-related environmental attributes


To identify and describe the environmental attributes related to ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and CE (Consumer Electronics) products, during their entire life cycle, from conception to end-of-life treatment.

Programme of work:

  1. To develop recommendations, e.g. Standards, on environmental attributes and the presentation thereof for ICT and CE products.
  2. To monitor the development of environmental standards, regulations, conformity schemes and other requirements related to ICT and CE products.
  3. To promote and maintain Ecma Standards covering product-related environmental attributes. To comment on standards and regulations from outside organizations.
  4. To establish and maintain close liaison with other organizations and other fora working in the same or similar fields of activity.


Chair: Osamu Namikawa (Hitachi)
Secretaries: Josée Auber (Ecma International), Patrick Luthi (Ecma International)