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Product-related environmental attributes

Items of interest and recent work

ECMA-328 specifies methods to determine chemical emission rates of analyte from ICT & CE equipment during intended operation in an Emission Test Chamber (ETC) and includes specific methods for equipment using consumables (Part 1), such as printers; and equipment not using consumables (Part 2), such as monitors and PC’s. ECMA-328 is also published as ISO/IEC 28360.

Since the publications of the 1st edition of ECMA-328 in 2001 and the “Test method for the determination of emissions from Hard Copy Devices” (RAL-UZ 122), experts from the BAM and Ecma have collaborated to harmonise methods to determine the chemical emission rates from ICT & CE equipment. The last revisions were published as a 10th edition of ECMA-328 Part 1 and a 8th edition of ECMA-328 Part 2 and they are fully aligned with ISO/IEC 28360.

ECMA-370, the ECO declaration standard, specifies environmental attributes and measurement methods for ICT and CE products according to known regulations, standards, guidelines and currently accepted practices. The objective of the standard is the use of accurate and verifiable environmental self-declarations that increase potential for market forces to stimulate environmental improvements in products, prevent or minimize unwarranted claims, reduce marketplace confusion and more. The current 6th edition comes with a 2019 published corrigendum to Annexes B1 and B2.

Other TC38 standards and technical reports are also maintained by the committee: Environmental conscious design ECMA-341, Energy consumption standard ECMA-383 and ECMA-389, proxZzzy® for sleeping hosts ECMA-393, Product-related environmental attributes ECMA TR/70.

Task Group TG1 focuses on chemical emissions and monitors related  standards developments. Ongoing work includes the coordination of future revisions of ECMA-328 and ISO/IEC 28360, observation and evaluation of developments in indoor air measurement technology, and more.

Task Group TG3 focuses on environmental declarations and monitors related regulatory developments as well as emerging market requirements. TG3 developed the Eco Declaration (TED) standard for broad usage beyond the EU with focus on green public procurement.

At least 15 International companies issue ECMA-370 declarations for their products on a regular basis. Every year, there are hundreds of instances where customers request ECMA-370 declarations as part of their tendering process. For instance, the UK based Office of Government Commerce, OGC, requires ECMA-370 declarations and has selected compliance to certain criteria as a condition for products to be sold to the UK Public sector.

Presentation of ECMA-370 at INTERNOISE 2010 in Lisbon from past Vice-Convenor Mr. Wendschlag.