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Product-related environmental attributes

  • Revision of Chemical emissions standard ECMA-328 (ISO/IEC 28360) to align ECMA-328 Part 1 with BAM’s  Annex S-M of the DE-UZ 205 standard (Blue-Angel) in TG1
  • Revision of  TED, The Eco-Declaration standard ECMA-370 to take into account changes in regulations and other requirements in TG3
  • Discussions on Data Center Environmental aspects under the Liaison activities with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 39, including on the Smart Data Centre Resource Monitoring and Control ECMA-400 developed with The Green Grid association in the Smart Data Center Joint Project
  • Maintenance of other TC38 standards and technical reports: Environmental Conscious Design ECMA-341,   Energy consumption standard ECMA-383 and ECMA-389, proxZzzy® for sleeping hosts ECMA-393, Product-related environmental attributes  ECMA TR/70.