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Product safety


To consider national and international safety regulations to establish appropriate safety standards for information technology equipment so that they are intrinsically safe and safe for operating and maintenance personnel.

Programme of work:

  1. To survey existing national and international standards and recommendations concerned with safety requirements.
  2. To study the safety requirements associated with power control and distribution and establish recommendations where appropriate.
  3. To consider short circuit and overcurrent protection, earthing, voltage exposure limits, mechanical design, etc., and establish recommendations where appropriate.
  4. To develop principles and guidance to identify safeguards.
  5. To investigate functional safety aspects.
  6. TC20 handles EMF, which is a safety subject, because of their electromagnetic expertise.
  7. To assume responsibility for the maintenance of Ecma Standards prepared by TC12.
  8. To establish and maintain liaison with other standards organizations in order to present Ecma proposals to them and to make comments on their proposals.



Chair: vacant
Secretary: Patrick Luthi (Ecma International)